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Super early morning post cause of insomnia, awesome. But yeah, here are a few music covers I did back around October through December. Some of my favorite artist such as Netsky and Synkro with their appropriate songs as the titles. I may do a Rustie music cover soon to for the hell of it. These aren’t anything serious, I just did them for fun. All works were Photoshopped then type was add in Illustrator program.

Shoutout to Synkro and Netsky

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Its been a while since I posted so here we go. All of these pictures are just sketches I’ve been doing over the past month or so. The most important piece is the CL 009 picture because I am gonna probably gonna take it to the next level and paint the piece on a large canvas (18x24 or so). Its my tribute and interpertation to Cyborg 009 anime/manga series. No I never read the manga and I only saw the updated 2001 version of the anime but I researched the original and found out alot about it. R.I.P Shotaro Ishinomori.

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Started on these probably two days ago. I am pretty happy with the sketches. I think I’m gonna use pen & ink with gouche or watercolor. Not too sure just yet…Two people gave me the inspiration to make this water theme but I dont think they know it lol.

The word inside the bubble says wet for Wet, Wet.

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